The Micro Financial Development Fund was established in 2002 to make microloan financial services more readily available to the regions covered by the Sustainable Livelihood Project – a project run by the Mongolian Government in cooperation with the Development Association of the World Bank. Since then, ABTS has helped numerous low-income households, individuals and distant-region herders through its Dalanzadgad Soum Branch Office in Umnugovi Province.

The following figures demonstrate the project’s successful implementation:

Granted Loan in figure:


Sustainable Livelihood - II Project

The Mongolian Government in collaboration with the World Bank is implementing 12-year Sustainable Livelihood program over three phases.  The first stage of the Program was implemented in 2002-2007. The second stage financed by the World Bank, European Community and the Japanese Government will cover the period of 2008-2012. ABTS NBFI participates in implementation of this project in such districts as Chingeltei, Sukhbaatar, Bayanzurkh, Khan-Uul, and Songinokhairkhan. Within the Sustainable Livelihood-II Project framework, we provided 260 loans worth MNT 2.6 billion in total. Out of which, loans to poor and low income households and individuals comprised MNT 1.2 billion. In result, 409 direct beneficiaries and 533 indirect beneficiaries were recorded.

Employment Generation

ABTS NBFI has implemented Employment Generation project aimed at supporting employable poor to create employment and income opportunities. We have been implementing the project since 2002; hence we have generated substantial experience in providing micro loans. This allowed us to reach the project objectives. Within the framework of the Employment Generation Project implemented by Ministry of Social Welfare and Labor, ABTS NBFI granted loans of MNT 416.5 million, of which MNT 195 million were received by residents of ger area, MNT 33.3 million by households in remote area. In result, more than 700 working places were created. 

Project on Supporting Households in Remote Rural Areas

ABTS NBFI implemented the Project on Supporting Households in Remote Area through its branch in Dalanzadgad Soum, Umnugovi aimag in 2003-2004. ABTS NBFI achieved the project objectives, which were providing micro finance service to low income households in remote rural areas and enhancing their access to financial services. We granted 210 loans of MNT 128.6 million in total. Loans to residents in remote areas accounted to MNT 33.3 million, poor and low income individuals MNT 117 million and herders MNT 37.3 million, respectively.

Project on Improving Living Conditions in Ger Residential Area

Within the project framework implemented by the Mongolian Government in collaboration with ADB, ABTS NBFI granted 3-year loans up to MNT 1 million to residents in Bayanzurkh District of Ulaanbaatar city. The loans with monthly interest rate of 0.5 percent were provided to households in order to support them in construction, repair and extension of their homes. About 155 individuals benefited from the project support of MNT 145 million, of which 13 persons purchased ger, 57 built premises, and 85 repaired or extended the living spaces. 

Project on Supplying Enhanced Stoves

Within the framework of the project implemented by the Asian Development Bank for the purposes to reduce the air pollution in Ulaanbaatar city and rationalize use of fuel for heating purposes,   TT-03 stoves have been renovated on the basis of financing from the World Bank. ABTS NBFI took part in distribution of these renovated stoves to households in ger areas through providing financial intermediary services. 

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