ABTS services

Business loans

Business loan is designed for businesses operating successfully and willing to expand their activity. Purpose of the business loan is to provide the borrowers an opportunity to expand their business operations, to create sustainable workplaces and increase living standards.

Sustainable livelihood project loans

Micro-finance loan designed to provide credit facilities to low and middle income people who have no access to financial services and credit facilities available at banks and other financial institutions. The purpose of the Micro Finance Development Loan is to help those marginal and low income people to increase their income, build stable income source, improve their living conditions and reduce their socialvulnerability.

Trust secured loans

Loans collateralized by financial resources held in trust account

Consumer loans

Consumer loan is lent for personal, family, household purposes

Salary loans

ABTS NBFIs salary loan service is available to all working people in both private and public sectors.


Mortgage loans finances purchase of apartments and houses by individuals, or finances projects with immovable assets collateral. We introduced simplified loan issue procedure.

Apartment maintenance loans

Loan provided to individuals for their apartment maintenance and repairs.

Loans for acquisition of premises

Loan is provided for purchasing premises, houses

Automobile loans

Loan provided for purchasing car

Loans on improvement of living conditions

This loan is issued for improvement, expansion and maintenance of living premises.

Start-up loans

This loan is provided to businesses which start their operations. As usual these businesses are without experience, and these loans bear comparatively higher risk.

Credit line

Credit line is extended to businesses and entrepreneurs to help them to smooth their financial flows.  

Student loans

Loan is provided for the financial need of students that enrolled in the Mongolian Universities.

Working Student loans

Loan is provided for students who are willing to work and travel abroad during their summer vacation.


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