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ABTS is a non banking financial institution committed to providing assistance to PEOPLE who are willing to alter their lives, to change society for the better.

ABTS NBFI was established on 4 October 2001 as one of pioneer micro finance institutions in Mongolia.

We direct our activity at meeting demand and needs of our clients with personal touch by introducing new financial products and services, improving our operations, and adopting international standards. In 2001-2016, the ABTS NBFI has granted total loans of MNT 50.7 billion to around 3600 clients.

Since 2001, total assets soared 224 times, while total loans increased 185 times and equity rose 182 times.

Compared to the end of 2015, total assets grew by 68.5%, while total loans generated by 13.6%. The ratio of non-performing loans to total loans made up 4.9%, while banks non-performing ratio recorded 8.5% (end-December), and NBFIs’ non-performing loans made up 12.5% of total loans (end-September, data for December is not available).

ABTS NBFI has already built the reputation of reliable financial partner. The backbone of our business is experienced staff, strong management team, and shareholders support. We believe that the team work with well defined objectives, innovative thinking and integrated interests will drive the further success of our NBFI.