Sustainable Livelihood-II Project.

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Sustainable Livelihood-II

The Mongolian Government in collaboration with the World Bank is implementing 12-year Sustainable Livelihood program over three phases.  The first stage of the Program was implemented in 2002-2007. The second stage financed by the World Bank, European Community and the Japanese Government will cover the period of 2008-2012. ABTS NBFI participates in implementation of this project in such districts as Chingeltei, Sukhbaatar, Bayanzurkh, Khan-Uul, and Songinokhairkhan. Within the Sustainable Livelihood-II Project framework, we provided 260 loans worth MNT 2.6 billion in total. Out of which, loans to poor and low income households and individuals comprised MNT 1.2 billion. In result, 409 direct beneficiaries and 533 indirect beneficiaries were recorded.